Dundonald Rifle and Pistol Club

            Annual Club Competition


Below are the results of the competition.


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The annul club competition entry form is up on the board in the clubhouse. anybody interested please put your name on the list. The competition is open to all members and probationers. Entry will close on the 2nd of April and the competition will commence on the 9th(no members allowed in the club from 3PM onwards on Mondays) until the 29th of April. there will be no stickers issued but STS rules apply. please ensure that your name, date and witness sections are filled in on each shot card.


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1) The competition will be for any .22 rifle, including air rifles.


2) It is open to ALL members including probationary members.


3) The competition will be shot during the break between the winter and summer postal leagues, each year.


4) The competition will be a precision competition.


5) It will consist of 3 targets shot between the dates stated.


6) Each target will consist of 10 shots. a total of 30 shots in all.


7) All shooting will be free standing. Disabled members may be seated but must shoot unsupported.


8) Each entry must be signed and witnessed unless no witness can be had.


9) Any entry not signed or witnessed may not be counted.


10) All scoring will be scored "up" if the bullet hole touches the ring.


11) the bullet hole must touch the line. not the spidering.


12) the competition will be shot on standard club targets.(SPA1)


13) Only one entry per member.


14) Entry fee will be £2 per member, payable ASAP before the start of the competition. any competitor not having paid before the start of the competition will not be counted.


15) the scoring will be done by the committee and their decision will be final.


16) there will be prizes for first place and second place.


Would all members who have put their names forward on the competition form ensure that their entry fee is paid.

there are small brown envelopes on the window sill above the black powder shot cards, second window down from the RHS on entry into the club for the competition entry fee. please write your name on the envelope and post it in the black box next to the window.

Stickers will only be issued to members who have paid their fees before Friday the 10th of March 2017.

The club competition will be run from the !st to the 30th April 2017.

the winner will be presented with a rose bowl trophy to be kept for one year and a medal.

The runner up will receive a medal.

The competition will be run under SPA precision competition rules.


good luck and happy shooting to all who enter the competition.