This is to remind all members that J Aitken runs the Pony Club every Monday from 4pm until 6pm. Jack needs 15 minutes before and after to set the range up and dismantle at the end of the shoot. Could all members please ensure that these times are free and that they give themselves plenty of time to have their shoot so as not to encroach on the Pony Club times.


thanks you in advance for your co-operation on this matter.


    The Christmas Shoot.



  Well, what a great night that was. eighteen shooters with the last shot down the range at one minute to ten. phew!

There were 5 targets to choose from with an extra special one shot target for a bottle of Ardmore single malt whisky. Over 900 rounds were fired in the course of the competition.

Five categories with a first and second place and the Ardmore whisky which was won by Stevie Gibson with the only 10 score of the match. Winners were given the pick of the prizes on show.

The committee would like to thank all the members who came along and supported the club and for those who never came, well, you missed a great night. Maybe we will see you at next years Xmas shoot.

The committee would also like to thank the members for their donations and for Billy Pauls donation which bought the star prize. Also thanks go to the committee members who gave their time so the Xmas shoot could run smoothly.





Below are some pictures taken by our intrepid cameraman Mr Ian Dunbar.


Prizewinners and prizes below.

John and Merv



Donald and Gavin



Donald and Davie

Donald and Gavin



Ronald and Stevie



Guess who...Donald and Gavin



Stevie collecting the Ardmore prize.




Pictures of the evening.











not club related but i thought that this might be of interest to some of the members especially the bench rest ones. i was down at diggle range at the weekend(02/09/17) and this was one of the contestants 5 shot group.


Chris Maunder shot this remarkable 5-shot group in the UKBRA 100 yard benchrest competition at Diggle last weekend.

The group was shot with Chris's 223 rifle built by Neil McKillop. In short-range benchrest we have two classes - one for out and out custom 6PPC rifles built to strict WBSF spec. and another for 'sporter' rifles. The definition of a sporter rifle is purposely quite 'loose' - to encourage shooters who already have an accurate rifle to try their hand at benchrest competition.

In Chris's case, he does have a 6PPC rifle but it's on its way to New Zealand for the World Benchrest Championships so, rather than miss a shoot, Chris decided to give the 223 an airing.

The group measured just 0.078 inches - under one-tenth of an inch - what benchresters call a 'screamer'. The group breaks a 15 year old record previously set by Jerry May in 2002.









Ammunition Prices


Due to increases in the price of ammunition from our suppliers the committee have decided that the cub will now have to stop selling CCI mini mags as they are now too expensive to buy in but will still have CCI standard, blazer and eley ammunition on sale.