Annual maintenance shut.





The clubhouse and range will be shut this year from the 11th October until the 25th October for annual maintenance. Maintenance tasks will be posted on the flip chart and please feel free to add your name to any task you feel you are capable of doing even if it is only making coffee for the working members or sweeping up.

If we get enough volunteers to do what tasks are needed the club will open before the 25th so come along and help keep your club/range spick and span and looking good as well as safe.

If we do not get the help needed and it is left to the same people each year then as agreed at the 2017 AGM fees will go up so we can employ tradesmen to do the work next year.

One of the possible major work being done will be the replacement of all radiators and pipes for the central heating. This depends on the heating engineer being able to slot us in to his busy work schedule.









Just to remind all members that shooting air weapons and rim fire weapons or any other type of firearm is NOT allowed together on the range. Air weapons require the use of a metal pellet catcher which would be classed as a ricochet hazard with any other type of firearm and could potentially cause someone to get hurt if they accidentally hit the pellet catcher.








      Remember : always be alert and be safe.


Gunsmithing student, @kurt_the_gunsmith - currently attending the Colorado School of Trades, shared that this was being sighted in by its owner when he forgot to remove the boresighter from the barrel. #reasonsforsafetyglasses





This is to remind all members that J A runs the Pony Club every Monday from 4pm until 6pm. Jack needs 15 minutes before and after to set the range up and dismantle at the end of the shoot. Could all members please ensure that these times are free and that they give themselves plenty of time to have their shoot so as not to encroach on the Pony Club times.


thanks you in advance for your co-operation on this matter.





 Annual Club Competition


Apologies from the committee over this years club annual competition. Due to circumstances there will be no competition this year but hopefully there will be one again next year.








Ohio-based Hi-Point Firearms this week posted a couple of snapshots of a 995TS carbine crammed with a whopping 35 rounds of 9mm slugs.

“When he called stating he was having accuracy issues he had no idea the rounds had not left the barrel,” said the company on social media. “After receiving his carbine in we discovered the issue, re-barreled his 995TS and sent it back to him. How’s that for customer service?”

The dreaded squib load, where a bullet does not leave the barrel and typically prevents follow-on rounds from exiting, is one of the most dangerous malfunctions a shooter can experience. They often lead to dramatic and unsafe “ka-boom” situations that can result in injury and permanent damage to both life and property.

The post by Hi-Point, a company that catches a lot of shade in the gun community but backs up their products with a famous lifetime warranty, garnered almost 500 comments.

“Dude needs to buy a lotto ticket and probably go to church to say thanks,” said one. “How did he not notice it was 8050 grains or so heavier…” observed another.

And probably the best observation: “Say all you want, but you can’t knock that grouping.”

*This post was updated from the original, which stated the barrel was from a .45ACP 4595TS Carbine, after Hi-Point stealth updated their original post from that to a 9mm 995TS Carbine.





Ammunition Prices


Due to increases in the price of ammunition from our suppliers the committee have decided that the cub will now have to stop selling CCI mini mags as they are now too expensive to buy in but will still have CCI standard, blazer and eley ammunition on sale.