The annual 2018 AGM will be held as usual in the Montgomerie Hall, Main Street, Dundonald on the 30th of November at 7pm. Please arrive in plenty of time to be seated by 7pm and remember to sign in at the door.


Included in this mail is the new club constitution, a letter about the disciplinary proceedure, a letter to all members from the committee and a nomination form if you have any persons whom you wish to nominate for the position of a committee member. The nomination forms should be filled in with the name of the person you wish to stand for the committee and should be filled in and returned to me no later than the 23rd of November at the address below.


The new constitution enclosed should be read by each member and should they have any questions or suggestions please contact me with their question/suggestion no later than the 23rd of November which will give me time to find an answer for each one.


The reason the club is trying to achieve charity status, and if successful means that there will be some financial benefits for the club. Benefits such as reduced or no water rates among others.


Members who wish to pay by a monthly standing order can get a form from their bank or get in touch with me at the address below.


Hoping to see a good turnout of members on the night.



Secretary – David Rankin


25 Tinto Avenue,








Email – softtailfxstc1340@talktalk.net


 CLUB Christmas Shoot










The club Christmas shoot will take place, as usual, in the club on 12/12/18. This auspicious event is open to all members and all donations will be greatfully received.

if you would like to take part in this awesome event please arrive approximately at 6pm as last years competition ran on quite late with the last competitor shooting his last target at 1 minute to 10pm and the evening finishing very late.

we have a few elderly members who attend and they need to get home early to get to bed with their cocoa.


Hoping to see a good turnout on the evening.











This is to remind all members that J A runs the Pony Club every Monday from 4pm until 6pm. Jack needs 15 minutes before and after to set the range up and dismantle at the end of the shoot. Could all members please ensure that these times are free and that they give themselves plenty of time to have their shoot so as not to encroach on the Pony Club times.


thanks you in advance for your co-operation on this matter.

Ammunition Prices


Due to increases in the price of ammunition from our suppliers the committee have decided that the cub will now have to stop selling CCI mini mags as they are now too expensive to buy in but will still have CCI standard, blazer and eley ammunition on sale.