Charity Status update.


This is to inform members that DRPC is now a registered


We have been awarded charity status and the only ammendment to the constitution was a minor alteration to the purpose of the club.

This will be brought up and discussed at the AGM and if there are any objections to the alteration this will also be discussed. the alteration to the constitution was the purpose of the club. a new constitution will be available for members to view at the AGM on the 29/11/2019 at the church halls on Main Street Dundonald.



Please ensure al l charity trustees are aware of this document
Mr David Rankin
Dundonald Rifle and Pistol Club
45 Main Street
Our ref:
16 September 2019
Dear Mr Rankin
Decision on your application to become a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (SCIO)
I am pleased to tell you that your application to become a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (SCIO) has been successful. The Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR) is satisfied that the organisation meets the charity test and the legal requirements for being a SCIO, and has entered it in the Scottish Charity Register. This means it is now is an incorporated body having charitable status under the Charities and Trustee Investment (Scotland) Act 2005.
The details of your charity’s entry in the Register are set out below.
Please check these details and let us know of any errors.
Your SCIO’s registered name is:
Dundonald Rifle and Pistol Club
Your charity number is:
Your SCIO was registered on:
16 September 2019
Your SCIO’s ‘known as’ name is:
Your principal contact address is:
45 Main Street
Your charitable purposes are:
I - the provision of recreational
Your charitable objects are:
Your SCIO’s accounting reference date is:
facilities, or the organisation of recreational activities, with the object of improving the conditions of life for the persons for whom the facilities or activities are primarily intended
4 The organisation's purposes are: 4.1 The provision of recreational facilities or the organisation of recreational activities in relation to competitive target shooting with the object of improving the conditions of life for the persons for whom the facilities and activities are primarily intended
Charity trustees’ duties and responsibilities
The charity trustees of Dundonald Rifle and Pistol Club are jointly responsible for running the SCIO and managing its assets. The members of a SCIO also share some of the same duties of the charity trustees. Charity trustees and members should read our publication, SCIOs: A Guide, for full details of their duties and responsibilities.
In summary, a SCIO must by law do certain things, including:
 Publicise its status as a SCIO: you must let people know that Dundonald Rifle and Pistol Club is a SCIO by including its charity name and (if the name does not already say so) the fact that it is a SCIO on its literature, emails and webpage’s (where applicable), and also on documents issued by a third party on the SCIO’s behalf. As a matter of good practice, you should also state your charity number on these documents. You must comply immediately with the duty to publicise your organisation’s status as a SCIO.
 Provide information to the public: you must supply a copy of your accounts and constitution to anyone who asks for them.
 Provide information to OSCR: every year you must provide information to us about the activities of your charity and by law we must monitor all charities on the Register. Your charity must fill in an Online Annual Return and send this to us along with its accounts.
 First accounting period for the SCIO: The first period of accounts for the SCIO must start on the day on which the SCIO is registered (which can be found above). It can be for a period of no less than six months and no longer than 18 months. If there was a body in existence prior to the SCIO being registered then assets transferred to the SCIO must be shown as a donation in the first period of accounts. You can find out more about preparing your accounts and reporting to us on our website
 Get consent: you need to get our consent before taking certain actions, and must tell us about certain decisions you have taken. You can find out when and how to do this on the ‘Making changes to your charity’ section on our website and in our publication, SCIOs: A Guide.
 Keep registers of charity trustees and of members: you must keep a register of your current and former charity trustees and, if applicable, a register of your current and former members. We have attached a template (Appendix 1) which can be used to maintain your register of trustees. In certain circumstances, you must also supply a copy of these registers if you are asked for them. You can find out more about the registers of charity trustees and members in our publication, SCIOs: A Guide.
Next steps
We have sent a copy of this letter and the introductory leaflet ‘Being a charity in Scotland’ to all those trustees who have provided OSCR with an email address. Please distribute this letter and the introductory leaflet to any trustee who have not provided OSCR with this information.
You can contact us at or on 01382 220446 if you have any questions.
Yours sincerely
Chris Kennedy
Registration Team Case Officer



Safety Reminder


Just to remind all members that shooting air weapons and rim fire weapons or any other type of firearm is NOT allowed together on the range. Air weapons require the use of a metal pellet catcher which would be classed as a ricochet hazard with any other type of firearm and could potentially cause someone to get hurt if they accidentally hit the pellet catcher.





Remember : always be alert and be safe.


Gunsmithing student, @kurt_the_gunsmith - currently attending the Colorado School of Trades, shared that this was being sighted in by its owner when he forgot to remove the boresighter from the barrel. #reasonsforsafetyglasses





This is to remind all members that J A runs the Pony Club every Monday from 4pm until 6pm. Jack needs 15 minutes before and after to set the range up and dismantle at the end of the shoot. Could all members please ensure that these times are free and that they give themselves plenty of time to have their shoot so as not to encroach on the Pony Club times.


thanks you in advance for your co-operation on this matter.





 Annual Club Competition


Apologies from the committee over this years club annual competition. Due to circumstances there will be no competition this year but hopefully there will be one again next year.








Ohio-based Hi-Point Firearms this week posted a couple of snapshots of a 995TS carbine crammed with a whopping 35 rounds of 9mm slugs.

“When he called stating he was having accuracy issues he had no idea the rounds had not left the barrel,” said the company on social media. “After receiving his carbine in we discovered the issue, re-barreled his 995TS and sent it back to him. How’s that for customer service?”

The dreaded squib load, where a bullet does not leave the barrel and typically prevents follow-on rounds from exiting, is one of the most dangerous malfunctions a shooter can experience. They often lead to dramatic and unsafe “ka-boom” situations that can result in injury and permanent damage to both life and property.

The post by Hi-Point, a company that catches a lot of shade in the gun community but backs up their products with a famous lifetime warranty, garnered almost 500 comments.

“Dude needs to buy a lotto ticket and probably go to church to say thanks,” said one. “How did he not notice it was 8050 grains or so heavier…” observed another.

And probably the best observation: “Say all you want, but you can’t knock that grouping.”

*This post was updated from the original, which stated the barrel was from a .45ACP 4595TS Carbine, after Hi-Point stealth updated their original post from that to a 9mm 995TS Carbine.





Ammunition Prices


Due to increases in the price of ammunition from our suppliers the committee have decided that the cub will now have to stop selling CCI mini mags as they are now too expensive to buy in but will still have CCI standard, blazer and eley ammunition on sale.