Today i went into the club to do some work and what a mess. nothing but crumbs all over the tables and under them. Biscuit/cake crumbs littered the carpet and was tramped into it making quite a mess. to the people who make the mess please clean it up. i am sure that if you made the same mess at home your wife/partner would be slapping you about the head. Sooooo, what is the difference? this is your second home to some and really if you will continue to leave this mess i am sure that the committee/members would agree that foodstuffs of any kind will be banned within the club. it is not a lot to ask....if you make a mess, CLEAN IT UP. this will be brought up at the next AGM so if you would like to have a coffee and a biscuit/piece of cake while waiting to shoot then as i said please.....CLEAN UP YOUR MESS or possibly loose the privilege.


the committee.









This is to remind all members that J A runs the Pony Club every Monday from 4pm until 6pm. Jack needs 15 minutes before and after to set the range up and dismantle at the end of the shoot. Could all members please ensure that these times are free and that they give themselves plenty of time to have their shoot so as not to encroach on the Pony Club times.


thanks you in advance for your co-operation on this matter.



















Ammunition Prices


Due to increases in the price of ammunition from our suppliers the committee have decided that the cub will now have to stop selling CCI mini mags as they are now too expensive to buy in but will still have CCI standard, blazer and eley ammunition on sale.