Become a member

Like the idea of our club and want to join us? Want to share the same hobby and make new friends? Simply contact us directly at any of the numbers or e-mail addresses on the site. We look forward to welcoming you to our club!


To join the club, first the secretary would need all your details (see Committee / Contacts  for details on how to contact the secretary) so they can add you to the clubs waiting list. We might have several people on the list for probationary membership so it could be a several months wait. But, if the people on the waiting list are not interested in joining when notified then we will move the next ones up until we have 6 probationers.

The process at our club is, when it is time for you to start your training the secretary will send you a mail to let you know when and where to come.     


On arrival at the club you will be asked to fill in a form known as a Section 21. this will be sent to Police Scotland for a background check and if all is OK then you can continue the probation period which is for 6 months. you will also be given a GDPR form(data protection), a membership form which needs 2 referees(not family), you will be asked to supply 2 written references, 2 passport size pictures, a form of identity, passport or driving license, and a payment of £20 which is due for the probationary period. This should be brought on the next probationary night if you come back.(not everybody comes back). probationary training is every Wednesday at 6:30PM and during your probationary period you will be trained on all aspects of shooting allowed within the club as well as firearms safety, also, we you will be given a demonstration on how to reload your own ammunition among other things. at the end of your probationary period you will sit a safety test(not hard) and when you pass this you will become a member.

On becoming a member you will be asked to pay the balance of the membership fee which will be pro rata depending when you became a member, membership fee is £144/year. either paid in one payment at the AGM at the end of November or 12 monthly direct debits over the year. So if you become a member in August then you will have from then until the AGM at the end of November to pay which is 4 months at £12/month = £48 fee. also you will be given a key to the clubhouse(£20 refundable deposit) and you can come and go in the club as you like so long as you abide by the opening times and club range orders.

The club opening times are from Monday-Saturday first shot 9:00AM until last shot at 10:00PM and Sunday 9:00AM until 12:30 PM is air weapons only with the first firearm shot at 12:30PM and last shot at 10:00PM as a member there are some times when you cannot come to the club such as Monday3:30PM6:30PM which is the Pony Club, 6:30 until 10:00PM is juniors  and obviously a Wednesday night 6:30PM - 8:30PM probationary night. these are the only times members are not allowed to come into the club.


The club has a 25M indoor range which caters for various disciplines of shooting such as 10m/25 air pistol/rifle and any pistol caliber rifle or pistol.
The club does supply rifles and ammunition during the probationary period(ammunition is free on the first night, from then on you will need to buy your own from the club but club rifles are free of charge for the whole probationary period. You do not need an FAC during your probationary period. Rifles are also available to club members who wish to use them although they would need to arrange this with one of the committee.
We have plenty of different competitions within the club so don't worry there will be something to suit everybody.

The firearms that can be used within the club range are .22 rim fire to any pistol caliber rifle/pistol. The club also allows "black powder" shooting within the club. Black powder itself is not allowed but the alternative Pyrodex or 777 powder is OK.

During the probationary period you will be informed about what the range orders are and what the club rules are. You will also be given hard copies of these as well as a copy of the disciplinary proceedure and the constitution when you pass the safety test and become a member

When you decide that you would like to get an FAC(fire arms certificate) then the members in the club are only too happy to help and advise you, should you need their help.