The ATSA competition entry forms will be set out in the club room from Monday the 13th August 2018 and will be collected on Monday 15th October 2018 with hopefully many names indicating which competition(s) they wish to compete in. Entry fees have gone up slightly this year with individual competitions set at £7.00 per person and team competitions at £12.00 per team. Thanks to the introduction of the GDPR in May 2018 there is an additional sheet which is to gain your consent to put your names and club name on any trophy you may win and on to the results sheets which are web based. This consent has already been given by several Dundonald members and they do not need to repeat the procedure but should they wish to retract their consent they do need to contact Cyril Fox with a formal letter or e-mail indicating their wish.


The ATSA competitions set out on the forms are those that members from affiliated clubs have indicated that they wish to try their skills against members from other clubs. However if there is any competition that you would prefer to compete in that is not on the forms please contact Cyril Fox in the first instance as there are several competitions within the ATSA rule book that may include the one you are looking for. If that is the case we will quickly contact the other affiliated clubs to determine whether a competition can be put in place immediately. If you are looking for a totally new competition it will take a little time to determine its rules and interest across the clubs in the county.


Please work to the date for completion of the forms as that leaves just enough margin to print and distribute competition stickers to give a competition start as close to the 1st November as possible. The competition stickers will be placed in your ATSA docket as soon as your entry payment and consent has been confirmed


This year there will be a small change in the rules for the benchrest competitions which will be circulated in early September and should be read as soon as it is available. However the principal change will be that the rest must have a hard surface for the rifle and that there will be at least a 15 mm space either side of the rifle’s stock to any vertical surface when each shot is taken.


 When shot and witnessed all ATSA cards should be placed in the ATSA docket at the front of the ATSA drawer from which they will be extracted for scoring.  All results will be placed on the ATSA website after collation by the ATSA Competition Secretary.


If anyone is interested in representing the County in competitions against other counties please let Cyril Fox know. In the past we have put in County teams and for one short period this county did hold a UK pistol team record and separately we did win a league in a sporting rifle team league. However the timetable for a county competition does tend to be exacting unless each team member remembers to shoot ahead of the required dates.


Finally the ATSA Treasurer retires at the next AGM and to keep the County in action a volunteer for this position is needed for May 2019.








Subject: Ayrshire Summer Entries