Latest ATSA rules.

updated Benchrest Rules



Bench Rest Competition.


Range: - 25yards.


Targets: - NSRA BR15. Prior to the start of a competition one card may be used as a sighting card onto which a maximum of 10 shots maybe fired.


Cards/Competition/Round: - 2


Shots/Card: - 10.


Periods: The Summer Competition will consist of 5 match periods; one each for the months of June, July, August, September and October, but these may be shot at any time provided that all are completed for the 31st October. For each period two rounds will be shot and each round will consist of two cards.

The Winter Competition will consist of eight rounds to be shot within the period defined for each year's season.


No of Competitors: - Individual


Time Limit: - None but once started the competition target must be completed in that session.


Rifles: -The competition is open to any type of .22 rifle with any sights but the details of the rifle and sights must be registered on entry. Initially all entries will be divided into heavy and light barrel rifle combinations where heavy barrel rifles will be those with match barrels and light barrel rifles will be those that may also be used for free standing disciplines. Should there be sufficient numbers with a particular combination of rifle and sight the entry details will be used to formulate a division to increase the number of possible winners.


The Bench. A bench is to be a solidly constructed table with chair or stool. The bench may be shaped to provide a rest for the shooter's elbow but that shape must not dictate where the elbow should be placed.


The Rest. The rest may be of any material and incorporate adjustments for elevation and windage in either or both directions but may only support the fore-end of the rifle on a non-pliable material such as metal or wood. It may not be attached to the bench nor to the fore end of the rifle and must be free to be moved in any direction.

The rest may have a thin soft covering, such as cloth, carpet or leather, between the rifle and the rest but the covering must be sufficiently thin that no support is given to either side of the fore-end.


The rest may have vertical extensions to prevent the rifle falling off between shots and when reloading but the fore-end must be visibly clear of these extensions by a minimum of 15 mm on each side of the stock when the shooter is in the firing position. Some commercial rests are fitted with a fore-end stop. Any such fore-end stop must be removed from the rest or turned so that it can play no part in shooting.


Position. When in the firing position the rifle but must be located in the shooter's shoulder and the stock supported by the shooter's hand(s). The non-firing hand may be placed on the bench and support the rear end of the rifle.





No extensions for the purpose of supporting the rifle are permitted outside the profile of the stock. No pad nor support may be placed between the hand and the bench.

The rear end of the rifle may not rest on or touch the bench or any pad or other artificial support on the bench when in the firing position but may do so between shots or when reloading.


A sandbag may be used to provide the height but must have a piece of solid material that lies in the horizontal plane interposed between it and the fore-end. The sandbag may not provide any sideways support to the fore-end.


Scoring. These are outward scoring targets with a centre aiming point which does not feature in the scoring process. Penalties of one minus point will be applied for each cross shooting or additional shots and when the cross shot ownership cannot be determined the shooter receiving the cross shot will take the higher score and the cross shooter the lower score plus penalty.

Subject: Ayrshire Summer Entries






All the competition stickers have been placed in member’s dockets and are ready for immediate use. Officially all of the ATSA competitions started on the 1st November but due to late entries from one club the printing was delayed. To recognise this delay the County is only looking for three rounds to be completed before any Christmas break which will mean that five rounds will have to be completed for the middle of April. As that only needs one round to be completed every fortnight there should be no hardship in meeting this requirement. Some proposed dates will be inserted on the ATSA web site after the County meeting on the 14th November.

Please remember that the benchrest competition will be shot to the new rules and there will be some inspection at known benchrest shooting times. Any cards shot by a set up not meeting the new rules will be declared as non-competent returns and will not be scored. It is appreciated that these changes to the rules do make benchrest shooting more difficult which, as there have been too many centuries scored across the UK, is the intent of the NSRA.

Please place all shot cards in the ATSA docket at the front of the drawer which will make it easy to pick them up and score them. When scored the scores are passed to the relevant ATSA Competition secretary, either league or individual, and when collated and checked will be posted on the ATSA website. Due to the numbers entering the competitions across the county it does take some time to complete that process.

Enjoy the competitions and hopefully collect some of the extensive silverware at the ATSA AGM in May.


Good shooting.