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All ATSA competition stickers have been received and placed in each competitors' docket.  Please check those and notify Cyril Fox if you have any labels missing.  The competitions all start from today, 1st November, and a calendar for the rounds is on the ATSA website.


The rules for the Sporting Rifle League call for the PL14 target to be used at 20 yards which is not appropriate for Dundonald where the turning target mechanism is at 25 metres.  This was raised at the last ATSA council meeting and it was agreed that the Dundonald team may use the SPA1 target at 25 metres this year.  Whilst it is considered that the SPA1 is a direct equivalent of the PL14 at the different range distance it was decided that a detailed comparison will be made at the next ATSA meeting and if that proves the equivalence, as expected, the rules will be changed and approved at the next ATSA AGM.


When shot and witnessed all ATSA cards should be placed in the ATSA docket at the front of the ATSA drawer from which they will be extracted for scoring.  All results will be placed on the ATSA website after collation by the ATSA Competition Secretary.






Subject: Ayrshire Summer Entries